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5 Gifts For a Person With Anxiety

5 Gifts For a Person With Anxiety

At some point, everyone experiences anxiety; for those living with more severe conditions, it can become incapacitating. These gifts are intended to assist those struggling to find relief from their symptoms.

Experience gifts, like spa days or movie tickets, may feel like commitments for people living with anxiety. Instead, why not consider something that fosters active relaxation instead?

Anxiety Journal or Notebook

Anxiety journaling can be an effective way to relieve your worries and manage stress by channeling them out through writing. While anyone can use any comfortable space to journal, many find a dedicated area helps focus their thoughts more effectively and makes their writing session more successful.

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook is a guided journal that utilizes techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy to reduce anxiety and manage stress. Each entry includes questions and prompts to help identify negative thought patterns, challenge them, and modify them for the better.

Bullet journalers may enjoy this journal designed with writing down worries and “let it go” sections to help declutter their minds. There are also mindfulness exercises, quotes, and room to track sleep, water intake, and self-care habits.

Anxiety Ring

Anxiety rings (spinner rings) are pieces of jewelry with beads, bands, or rotating centers designed to help discreetly reduce anxiety. Since anxiety rings look like regular jewelry pieces, they can be discreetly fidgeted with when feeling overwhelmed – perfect for use professionally and personally without anyone knowing.

Though anxiety rings may not possess magical calming powers, they can serve as helpful tools for some individuals. Furthermore, they can be an alternative to unhealthy fidgeting practices like nail biting.

Make sure that when using an anxiety ring as part of an overall strategy to relieve anxiety – such as medication or therapy – for best results. Stress could also be due to medical issues or medications you’re taking; seeking professional help might help identify its source and provide treatment solutions.

Worry Stones or Baoding Balls

Anxiety often causes nervous fidgeting habits such as nail biting and skin pinching. By providing something new for them to use their hands for, gifts like these help alleviate these patterns by diverting their focus away from nail biting or skin pinching and onto something different altogether.

Baoding balls can also serve as an effective meditation practice, as the repetitive action of rubbing them helps focus the mind away from anxiety-provoking thoughts. These beautiful hand-painted cloisonne balls exude positive metaphysical energy that promotes well-being.

Many people with anxiety also struggle to sleep, making a weighted blanket an ideal gift. It provides soothing “pressure therapy,” slowing breathing and heart rate while increasing serotonin production for an overall relaxing effect. Plus, it can easily travel along on trips.

Lavender Lotion or Body Mist

Lavender essential oil is an all-around remedy when it comes to natural anxiety relief, from relieving agitation and restlessness, anxiety, and panic attacks to helping manage insomnia.

Add a lavender-scented lotion or mist to your gift, and they can take the scent wherever they go! These lotions and mists can be worn on wrists or temples, so their scent stays with them all day.

Organic Lavender Body Lotion is an exquisite selection, containing soothing blends of Shea butter, Argan oil, and pure essential oils to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. In addition, we provide Outdoor Body Mist, a refreshing spray with French lavender, lemon tea tree, and cedarwood scents designed to deter mosquitoes and bugs that may bite someone suffering from anxiety.


CBD is a non-psychoactive compound with numerous health benefits, including pain relief, mood regulation, and sleep enhancement. As such, it makes an ideal present for anyone experiencing anxiety to help calm the mind and body during this holiday season.

CBD gift sets make an unforgettable and thoughtful gesture, providing your loved ones with an all-in-one spa experience. Many groups have bath bombs, tinctures, and skincare items for maximum relaxation.

If you want to give someone special the gift of CBD for stress and anxiety relief, why not consider giving this Cornbread Hemp kit, which includes oils, gummies, and capsules, as well as a $20 gift card they can put towards their next order – making this present even more special and personalized?


Choosing gifts for someone with anxiety involves selecting items that promote relaxation, self-care, and emotional well-being. Thoughtful presents like stress-relief tools, cozy blankets, calming scents, guided journals, and noise-canceling headphones can provide comfort and support. By acknowledging their needs and preferences, these gifts aim to enhance their coping mechanisms and create moments of tranquility.

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